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K-12 Instructional Programs & Curriculum Support

What we do...

Our primary goal is to help teachers provide the best education possible for students of the Lower Kuskokwim School District through Yugtun, Cugtun and English language instruction. In order to meet this challenge, our responsibilities include facilitating all curriculum development and implementation, Yup'iq or Cup'ig language and culture programs, and conducting staff development, training and on-site support.

Look back at this year's
Annual Fall Conference

2023 Teacher of the Year

Leah Sahr, Nunapitchuk

Leah is a very innovative teacher.  Her lessons are engaging and fun for her students. She does alot of project based learning as well as interactive lessons. She pulls in culturally relevant topics and ideas for her students. She is very well rounded and very deserving of Teacher of the Year!

-Michelle Tefft, Site Administrator, Nunapitchuk

2023 School Community Advocate of the Year

Sassa Brink, Kasigluk-Akula

As the SCA, Sassa is constantly and lovingly connecting with our families on behalf of our students. Sassa is an encourager and a cheerleader for our students. She showers them with hope. She is a mentor who teaches them how to keep going no matter what.

-Tammi Sinosky, Site Administrator, Kasigluk-Akula

Mark your calendars!

LKSD District Wide In-Service

August 7, 2023

Join us as we kick off another school year! We look forward to seeing everyone via Zoom. 

Annual Fall Conference

Sept. 6- 8, 2023

We're enthusiastic about hosting all of our associate & certified teachers and site administrators in Bethel for our annual professional development!  

Keynote Speakers: 

Adam Welcome

Michaela Goade

LKSD Best Practice Seminars

Focus Friday PD's

2023- 2024

  • August 18

  • September 29 

  • October 20

  • November 10

  • December 8

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