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K-12 Instructional Programs & Curriculum Support

What we do...

Our primary goal is to help teachers provide the best education possible for LKSD students through Yugtun, Cugtun and English language instruction. In order to meet this challenge, our responsibilities include facilitating all curriculum development and implementation, Yup'iq or Cup'ig language and culture programs, and conducting staff development, training and on-site support.

Announcements & Updates

LKSD Best Practice #18 is underway! Thank you for welcoming us into your classrooms so we can collect data on how we're using cooperative groups to promote learning.  

Mark your calendars!

Annual Fall Conference

Aug 31- Sept 2, 2022

We look forward to hosting a series of intensives focused on achieving LKSD's Best Practices. 

Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Richard Gomez

Dr. Dominique Smith

LKSD Best Practices Seminars

Focus Friday PD's

2022- 2023

  • September 23

  • October 21

  • November 11

  • December 9

  • January 27

  • February 24

  • March 17

  • April 21

LKSD Science Fair

February 2- 4, 2023

Students in grades 4- 12 are welcome to participate in the LKSD Science Fair in Bethel.

Students in KG-3 can send projects for review from the judges.  

Spring Calibrations

February- April, 2023

DLE calibrations is a chance for us to determine where we stand as a district in terms of our dual language enrichment model. Reach out to your site administrator for more information. 

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