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Student- Centered 

LKSD Best Practice #1

Student-centered classrooms are those where the focus of instruction is shifted from the teacher to the students. The end goal is that students will be autonomous and independent thinkers. 

When students know what's expected of them and have access to learning resources, we see them take ownership over their learning. Further, this enables the teacher to spend extra time with those students who need it.

At the end of the day, students should be more tired than their teachers.

Key Points for Implementation


Provide Options

Passion & Interest



Arrange desks/ tables to promote collaboration

Allow for the element of choice when assigning projects. Learning must matter to the learner; sometimes it's necessary for us to modify our expectations to meet students where they are. 

Honor students' passion and interests:

  • When providing options for a project, students are able to choose which one interests them the most which leads to increased ownership, responsibility and autonomy

  • Embed students' names in word problems or stories

  • Use local examples when possible 

Use open-ended questions in assessments- this gives students the opportunity to reflect and summarize what they've learned. 

Provide regular feedback so students know how they can improve. Feedback should:

  • be both specific and academically focused 

  • be regular ​

  • be provided by students to each other 

  • support and validate

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