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Students are immersed in language both through instruction and classroom environment

LKSD Best Practice #11

When students are situated in the learning experience, knowledge acquisition becomes inherent because everything they hear and see is informative and supports learning.

What they SEE

  • word walls

  • content boards

  • visual cues and manipulatives

What they're DOING

  • interacting with peers on paired work

  • contributing to group learning

  • writing in reflective journal

  • engaging in content-specific activities (this includes DreamBox, Lexia, ALEKS, etc.)

What they HEAR

  • the teacher using the language of instruction (English, Y/Cugtun)

  • peers using academic vocabulary 

In this video we see the teacher staying in the language of instruction and using visual cues to support her lesson delivery. 

Credit: Teacher Fran, 5th grade, Quinhagak 2022

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