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Lessons are Authentic

LKSD Best Practice #13

When lessons are interesting, meaningful, culturally relevant, and relate to real-life (authentic), students are given the opportunity to apply the content and make their own connections.   

Teacher Shout-Out:
Alice Fitka, Tuntutuliak

Teacher Alice helps a Yugtun Language Arts story come to life through this engaging and meaningful lesson. After reading the story in the Yugtun Anthology book (Best Practice #6), her students made their own "pancake" and re-enacted the story. Further, both Alice and her students stayed in the language of instruction through the entire activity (Best Practice #11).  

Lesson Plans

  • Always defer to your site administrator for lesson plan expectations!

  • However, here are some sample lesson plan templates if you need them:

Note- various curricula already have the lesson plans provided (Reach for Reading, Tundra Science/ Social Studies)

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