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Grade level instruction to ALL students during core content time 

LKSD Best Practice #5

Our students are going to stay behind grade level if we never give them the opportunity to try to close their learning gap. The premise of this best practice is to focus on acceleration rather than remediation. 

Key Features of BP 5

  • Assignments are grade level appropriate

  • Students have a reason to express engagement and interest in what they’re learning

  • Strong instruction that enables students to do most of the thinking and creative questioning during the lesson

  • Teacher expectations reflect the belief that students can meet and maintain grade level standards


  • Provide difficult but achievable tasks

  • Ask students to try again

  • Reinforce growth mindsets

  • Use language that meets students where they are while still exposing them to age appropriate skills

We highly recommend using either the 99 Ideas and Activities or the 99 More Ideas and Activities books to help you identify additional instructional delivery and interaction strategies.  

Both texts are aligned with the SIOP model and can be used to support different components of instruction as needed. 

Look in your school for these books or send us an email to request an additional copy. 

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