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Teachers Utilize Conceptual Refinement (CR)

LKSD Best Practice #8

The purpose of conceptual refinement is to support students in their comprehension of the content that was just learned. 

Focus Friday: November 10, 2023

Key Features of CR

  • 15 minutes at the end of a content lesson

  • Should be conducted in the language of instruction

  • CR often follows a completed lesson, during which students had plenty of opportunities to engage with partner work to practice new skills

  • During the lesson the teacher monitors the class's progress to determine who may be struggling 

  • A student who is struggling may need more background support or clarification of the language that was used  

  • CR is specific to the content/ skill that was just taught

In this photo we can see the teacher is sitting at a separate table with four students while the rest of the class is working on independent practice at the end of their math lesson. 

Credit: Suzanne Walters, 2/3 grade, Quinhagak 2022

CR time is inclusive of instructional block and should be listed in the daily classroom schedule

  • CR may not be needed everyday in every subject area

  • Where within the lesson cycle it happens varies based on student understanding/ need

For more information on the Best Practices Lesson Cycle, visit BP #4

Conceptual Refinement in Action

In this video we see:

  • the students working on HMH Math practice sheets as independent practice

  • students engaging in DreamBox as supplemental support

  • the students know exactly what's expected of them

  • the rest of the class is on task 

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