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Reach for Reading

Reach for Reading is a research-based, rigorous, and enriching curriculum with a bounty of resources to support students as they learn to read and navigate the English language. It fits beautifully with many programs and resources supported by the district, such as DLE and CORE reading.


*We only have teacher editions available for the KG text. Student materials can be printed from myNGconnect. 

1st Grade

2nd Grade 

3rd Grade 

4th Grade

5th Grade

6th Grade

*If your 6th grade is considered part of the elementary, use the RFR curriculum. If 6th grade is part of the secondary, use the Collections curriculum. 

Click here to access the K-6 Reach for Reading Curriculum Maps.

A Note for SpEd Teachers

If you are not the teacher of record in Powerschool (for reading) then you will not automatically have access to your students’ data or the online resources. If you would like to be able to access these things, please reach out to Audra Lopez via email and she will manually add you as an instructor. 

Reach for Reading & MyNGconnect
Intro & Frequently Asked Questions

Watch this video for a brief overview of how to navigate the MyNGConnect online resource.  

How do I get an account on myNGconnect?

​Accounts are now generated automatically for those who have at least one elementary reading class set up in Powerschool. If you have a class in Powerschool but are unable to log in, please contact to troubleshoot the problem.

How do I sign into my myNGconnect account?

You can now sign in through Classlink by going to and signing in with your LKSD Gmail address. Once you are signed in, all you need to do is click on the myNGconnect icon. 

*NOTE* You can no longer sign in by going directly to

How do I add students to a class on myNGconnect?

​Students are now enrolled automatically, every night at midnight. If you get a new/transferred student, they should appear in your class the day after they are added to your roster on Powerschool. If your student does not appear in your class, please contact to troubleshoot the problem.

Is there a specific schedule I should be using to teach Reach for Reading?

The district has provided sample schedules for every grade level. These can be found in the curriculum map files on Google Drive. You are not required to use these schedules, but they can be a useful guide for creating a schedule that works for your class.

There is also a lesson-planning tool available on myNGconnect. This tool allows for lessons to be adjusted based on the length of your class period.  

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