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6-8 Math

LKSD utilizes HMH Into Math for mathematics courses in grades K-12. Students should be exposed to Into Math Grade 7 and Grade 8 in Tier 1 classes. This path prepares students for Algebra 1 as 9th graders. HMH Into AGA builds on Into Math with a comprehensive Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2 curriculum for high school students. Into AGA provides the depth of knowledge, complexity of conceptual understanding, procedural fluency and applications students need for critical assessments, calculus, college, and career. 


Grades 6-8 Core Courses

LKSD's 6-8th grade math department uses Into Math for our core courses. The program aligns with the Alaska Math Standards and includes opportunities for students to build a positive relationship with mathematics. 

Junior High Intervention

Intervention courses have been developed to address the needs of students that are two or more years below grade level with their mathematics skills. These courses use a variety of materials to meet the needs of the students. 

Students are placed in intervention courses by an instructional team. The goal of an intervention course is to build students' skills so they can be successful in the core curriculum as quickly as possible. 

Math 180 is the curriculum for Junior High Fundamentals. Students must have a documented RtI plan in order to be enrolled in this course.  

Click here to view the curriculum maps and pacing guides

Supplemental Resources

Sites will need to enroll students in the powerschool 5-12 ALEKS class to create accounts for the students and teachers. A tutorial video is available in the ClassLink Support Programs folder in Jason’s Tech Spot

ALEKS training is sometimes offered during the Annual Fall Conference and can also be requested during the school year. Contact Kim Abolafia to arrange training. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get more copies of the student consumable for Into Math 6-8? 

Consumables are ordered at the end of each year and shipped out to sites. If you need additional copies you can contact

Is there a teacher edition?

Yes, you have a two volume teacher edition. The teacher edition and additional resources can be found online on the HMH app. 

How do I get an account for HMH Into Math?

HMH is a single sign on (SSO) account. Your account and classes are automatically created when you have a math course in powerschool. It can take up to 48 hours to be available after your powerschool schedule is entered.  

How do I sign into HMH?

Login to ClassLink. Select the HMH app. The SSO will automatically log you into the app. 

How do I add students to the HMH app?

Students are enrolled automatically, the day after they are added to your roster on Powerschool. If your student does not appear in your class, please contact

Is there professional development or a place to ask questions about the Into Math materials? 

Yes, when you first sign into the program you can go to the Teachers Corner for a variety of help and asynchronous training. Additionally, regular virtual trainings are scheduled throughout the school year. Contact for more information.

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