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6-8 Science

LKSD has adopted TCI's Bring Science Alive! curriculum for middle school. Each grade level focuses on a specific scientific discipline and contains a separate book for each unit. You will have three books for each grade level. 

These courses also come with lab kits in clear, plastic tote bins. These are NOT the same as the FOSS kits you may find in the building. The kits are labeled with TCI stickers. 

Note that there are no physical teacher books. However, teachers can access a full suite of information including state standards, lesson objectives, full length lessons, videos, lab guides, and more at 

Grade 6 Earth

  • Planet Earth

  • Space

  • Weather & Climate

Grade 7 Life

  • Adaptations

  • Cells & Genetics

  • Ecosystems

Grade 8 Physical

  • Forces & Energy

  • Matter

  • Waves

More information is coming soon! 

For more information, email

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