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6-8 Science

LKSD has adopted TCi's Bring Science Alive! curriculum for middle school. Each grade level focuses on a specific scientific discipline and contains a separate book for each unit. You will have three books for each grade level. 

These courses also come with lab kits in clear, plastic tote bins. These are NOT the same as the FOSS kits you may find in the building. The kits are labeled with TCi stickers. 

Note that there are no physical teacher books. However, teachers can access a full suite of information including state standards, lesson objectives, full length lessons, videos, lab guides, and more at 

Grade 6 Earth Science

Grade 6 has been translated to support our DLE classrooms. Note the content is the same as the English.  

Planet Earth- English

Planet Earth- Yugtun

Weather & Climate- English

Weather & Climate- Yugtun

Space- English

Space- Yugtun

Grade 7 Life Science

Cells and Genetics



Grade 8 Physical Science



Forces and Energy

Curriculum maps and pacing guides can be found in the Curriculum Warehouse

TCi Lab Kits

The district purchased TCi lab kits several years ago as part of the science curriculum review cycle. There are 2-3 kits that accompany each grade level. 

Teachers are encouraged to keep track of their supply quantities. When necessary, site administrators can purchase additional consumable kits directly from TCi.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a TCi login?

Send an email to Andrew West or Whitney Spiehler for your initial account set up.

Can I connect TCi in my ClassLink/LaunchPad account?

TCi is not rostered by ClassLink, but there is a TCi app that can be manually added, and then users can manually input their login credentials the first time. Once this is done, the app will log students in without needing the username and password in the future.  

How do I get more textbooks?

Send an email to 

Is there a teacher edition?

All resources specific for teachers are available via the TCi website. On your teacher account you'll find lesson plans, unit objectives, state standards, video and lab resources including interactive student notebooks and other supplemental handouts. 

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