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K-12 Art

The K-12 art curriculum supports ELA-Arts integrated lessons through a series of lesson plans and assessment rubrics.

For Junior High and High School Visual Arts courses we provide:

  • lesson plans and assessment rubrics

  • MRFs for ordering supplies

  • Sample student work for reference

Project ARTiculate lesson plans include lessons that you can apply across the curriculum. Teaching resources include:

  • standards posters

  • classroom posters

  • tutorial videos: elements & principles and material use 


For more information, email

Project ARTiculate Kits

"Art kits in the red bags" are available to check out from the District Office. They're also available electronically on the K-12 Art website. 

Designed to be integrated into a variety of subjects, these art kits were developed and made available statewide. Each kit includes a lesson plan, vocabulary board, process boards, and examples. 

The visual arts curriculum is designed to be integrated into the Reach for Reading and Collections English Language Arts curriculum. Each lesson provides a lesson plan, step by step written directions, a short video, and rubric. 


Junior High Art course is available for 7-8 grade classes

For 9- 12 students we offer 0.5 credit courses:

Fine Arts I (A/B)

Fine Arts II (A/B)

3D Art (A/B)

For further information about secondary pacing guides, visit the LKSD curriculum warehouse 

Visit the LKSD Visual Arts Curriculum page here

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you send me the art supplies?
Please talk to your site administrator about ordering supplies. There are sample MRFs on the K-12 Art website, but oftentimes you can find supplies with free shipping on Amazon.

Is this a semester long or y
ear long course?
Each course shows a pacing guide for a block (semester long) or a skinny (year long) course on the K-12 Art website. 

Why does the website say "you need access?"
If you encounter this problem, please email We have transferred ownership of most files on the website, but we may have missed some. 

Are there textbooks?
There are no textbooks, but there are "District Visual Arts Learning Targets" posters for grade bands K-2, 3-5, 6, and 7-12

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