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Social Studies

LKSD utilizes a localized and translated K-5 science curriculum for our students. The textbooks are based on TCI's Social Studies Alive! but are tailored to create more local relevance for our students.

Supplemental components such as Daily Geography and online resources are used to support the curriculum. Resources can be found in the LKSD Resource Library and within the district's curriculum warehouse. 


At DLE sites, social studies is in taught in Y/Cugtun for 45 minutes daily.

At Non-DLE sites, science is in taught in English for 45 minutes daily.   


Social Studies

Click here to access the K-5 Curriculum Maps. 

Lesson plans are provided in English and Yugtun for grades K-5. These plans include objectives, journal prompts and conceptual refinement support.

Click here to visit the Yugtun Curriculum website. 

Supplemental Resource: TCI

On their teacher account, teachers have access to various instructional support including vocabulary review games, tips for differentiation, and other tools to support the learning process.

Please note that for social studies we do NOT have licenses for student accounts.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a teacher edition?

We currently do not have teacher editions of the books. However, on the Yugtun Curriculum website we provide lesson plans that follow the LKSD Best Practices lesson cycle. 

  • What if I need more copies of the text?

Please email

  • How do I get a TCI login?

Send an email to 

  • Do we have student licenses for TCI?

For K-5 TCI social studies we only have teacher accounts. 

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