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The Great Body Shop provides health education through engaging lessons that
promote active learning through skills-based instruction that addresses physical,
social, emotional, and mental health. Materials are age-appropriate, medically
accurate, current, and relevant for students. The Great Body Shop provides lessons that meet the requirements of the Alaska Safe Children’s Act K-5(6) and cover a variety of topics including:

• Injury prevention and personal safety

• Nutrition
• Functions of the body

• Growth and development/The cycle of family life
• Diseases and injury prevention
• Substance abuse prevention
• Community health and safety
• Self-worth, mental and emotional health
• Environment and consumer health
• Physical fitness


The Great Body Shop

KG- 6 

Each set comes with a teacher's manual and provides ten months of instruction. 

Click here to access the K-6 Health Curriculum Map. 

Alaska Safe Children’s Act is a law that states that all students need to be exposed to certain topics and conversations in grades K-12. 

According to AS 14.30.355 Sexual Abuse & Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention, "The governing body of each school district shall adopt and implement a policy, establish a training program for employees and students, and provide parent notices relating to sexual abuse and sexual assault awareness and prevention for students enrolled in grades kindergarten through 12."

In LKSD we are meeting these requirements through the Great Body Shop curriculum; through the document below we show you where to find the specific lessons that meet the state requirements. 

Click here to download a copy of LKSD's GBS alignment with the AK Safe Children's Act expectations.

Second Step

Second Step is a supplemental SEL program for grades K-5.

These materials should already be at your site.

Spiral bound flip-books house Yugtun translations for grades K-3. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the GBS website?

For login access to the Great Body Shop's website, email Segue Grant your full name and the name of your site. 

How do I get more copies of student text?

Student issues are sent to sites at the start of the school year.  Student issues are intended to be the extended piece to the curriculum and the school to home connection.


What if I need more copies of books?

In the spring, sites need to determine numbers for the next school year in order for student issues to be ordered.  Student issues of text are a district purchase.  

Is there a teacher edition?

Yes, all these materials are already at your site.

What's Second Step and how do I find it?

Second Step is a supplemental SEL material that offers engaging activities to develop social-emotional skills. Students learn how to make friends, manage their emotions, solve problems, and deal with peer pressure. Second Step SEL can be utilized not only in health class, but in morning meetings, homeroom, and/or as a cross-curricular resource for core classes.  

What grades does Second Step cover?


Second Step SEL topics include:
• Skills for learning
• Empathy
• Emotion management
• Problem solving

Hard cover materials for Second Step can be found at every site.

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