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Personal Life Skills & Consumer Life Skills

The PLS/ CLS courses are both required for LKSD high school graduation. While they can be to any student in grades 9- 12, both courses deal with grown-up, real world life topics, and therefore have more relevance to upper grade level students. 

PLS (0.5 credits) helps students learn how to live on their own as an adult while focusing on managing their relationships and situations, caring for themselves, and their families as a parent.

CLS (0.5 credits) helps students learn how to be fiscally savvy. Emphasis in this course is placed on management and prioritization, personal finance, budgeting and career planning. 


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The purpose of both PLS/ CLS is to equip students with knowledge and understanding to help them make good decisions that will enrich their lives after graduation. 

Visit the Curriculum Warehouse to view the detailed pacing guides for each course.  

Supplemental Materials

The online FIPF supplemental curriculum is for use in the CLS course. Teachers who are going to use the curriculum in CLS must email ahead of time in order to get an account set up by the vendor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get more textbooks?
Unfortunately, the textbook has gone out of print and we do not have extras. If your site has lost or disposed of their textbooks, you'll need to utilize the online materials detailed in the link here. The online McGraw-Hill site has the electronic version of the text. 

How do I access the online materials?
Managing Life Skills is the book that's used in both courses. Existing LKSD teachers can use this link to view instructions for online access. 


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