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READY Academy

Responsibility, Ethics, Academic Excellence, Diversity, and Your interests

The mission of the Ready Department is to provide a rigorous and career-focused experience where students engage in academics, team-building, community life, and post-secondary exploration. 

Introduction to Business
Business 1A and 1B

This course is offered via Access Distance Delivery and in-person at Bethel Regional High School

This comprehensive course provides complete instruction in the business concepts and skills students need to be successful in today’s competitive environment. Students will gain valuable information and skills for the workplace, as well as preparation for success in competitive events.

Meet the Instructor

Rogelio Villa, IV

Introduction to Multimedia Communications and 
Broadcasting & Critical Media Literacy

These courses are offered via Access Distance Delivery and in-person at Bethel Regional High School

This 0.5-credit elective course is a hands-on opportunity for students to explore and create multimedia. Students will be able to critique and produce digital photographs, videos, and audio for multimedia projects including news articles, photo essays, short films, and podcasts. Throughout the class, students will learn a range of both creative and technical skills and will work on many projects in a small group. Students will explore media-related careers in the fields of journalism, broadcasting, graphic design, public relations, video production, advocacy, and marketing.

Meet the Instructor

Almario F. Pahunang, Jr.

Thing to know... 

  • Distance delivery courses are primarily housed on the Canvas platform

  • Students who live in our village communities but wish to attend the READY program in-person are welcome to stay in our dorms in Bethel. Some students attend on a semester-by-semester basis while others stay for consecutive semesters.  

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