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LKSD Science Fair

Conducting an experiment and participating in science fairs helps students develop a variety of skills including critical thinking, problem-solving, time management and communication. Further, science fair projects are excellent project based learning opportunities.  

During fair weekend students will have the opportunity to present their experimental findings as well as participate in STEM related activities. This is a weekend filled with opportunities for our students to be curious while connecting and building friendships with students from other schools across the district. 

Save the Date! 

February 22- 24, 2024


There's a place in the LKSD Science Fair for students in all grades. Students in grades 4- 12 are invited to attend and participate in the fair's events. 

K-3 students cannot physically attend the fair, but they can send a project that will be displayed and receive feedback from the judges. They will also receive a participant ribbon and recognition for their work. K-3 students do not need to fill out a registration form, but we will need names of students and their project titles from you if you want them printed in the program.

2024 LKSD Science Fair Overview

Need to Know Information 

  • Food & lodging during the fair weekend will be provided

  • Chaperones will receive overnight chaperone pay for each night in Bethel 

  • Participating schools who do not live in Bethel should plan to bring one male and one female chaperone to Bethel 

  • Science Fair projects can be completed individually or in small teams. Teams can consist of up to 3 students per project 

  • If a team consists of students from multiple grade levels, the project will be entered in the category of the highest grade student.  So for example, if the team consists of an 8th grader and a 10th grader, they will enter in the High School Category 

  • All participants should have a complete science fair project and be prepared to communicate project details to our judges 

  • LKSD will cover the cost of transportation to and from Bethel but individual sites must arrange their flights 

  • Projects must be completed prior to the fair. Students cannot conduct or demonstrate experiments on site

  • Projects should include photo evidence of experimentation. Note that students cannot bring living or hazardous materials, i.e. plants, bacteria, etc., with them as part of their display 

  • Top winning projects must score a minimum of 80 points to be considered eligible for advancement to the Alaska Science and Engineering Fair 

Example Projects 

Looking Back at the 2023
LKSD Science Fair

Frequently Asked Questions

Do experiments and projects have to be completed outside of school hours?
No! Teachers are encouraged to incorporate science fair projects in their classrooms as part of LKSD Best Practice 10, increase use of project-based learning (PBL) and/ or inquiry based instruction.  

My child is an LKSD student but their teacher isn't sponsoring the fair. Does this mean my child can't participate? 

Students are welcome to work with any teacher to complete a science fair project. Note: the adult is expected to attend the fair with the student. Please communicate with yours and/or your student's site administrator to communicate that they plan to complete a project and participate in the fair. 

Can my students participate via Zoom?

What's the schedule of the fair like? 
The LKSD Science Fair takes places Thursday, February 22 through Saturday, February 24. Participating village schools should plan to travel into Bethel on Thursday. 
On Thursday afternoon we will host an afternoon of STEM activities. The fair itself will take place on Friday followed by an open-house opportunity for parents and administrators to view student projects in the evening.
The awards ceremony is open to parents and administrators on Saturday morning. Teams should plan to return to their home communities after lunchtime on Saturday. 

Can more than one teacher in a school support science fair projects?
You will need to coordinate with yo
ur site administrator to determine how many teachers/ chaperones will attend the fair. 
If you would like to discuss your school's specific situation, reach out to 


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