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English Language Arts
Grades 6-12

Our core English Language Arts curriculum is built around a Grade 6-12 program entitled Collections by Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt. The curriculum aligns with the Alaska state standards for secondary English Language Arts. 

For high school courses, 9-12, Collections provides a rigorous Tier 1 curriculum for college and career readiness with a full course for each grade level. 

Additional ELA credits are offered in courses such as Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Advanced Composition, Native American Literature, Novel Studies, Poetry, and more. 

The full curriculum suite includes support for Tier 2 & 3 students and other students on a modified learning plan. 


Collections is an English Language Arts series whose purpose is to develop and strengthen English reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language skills in alignment with the Alaska State Standards.

Students engage with a variety of texts and media organized into six separate thematic units. Each unit finishes with a choice of performance task that offers students the opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of the materials and to practice and apply language arts skills. 

The curriculum focuses on three specific areas:

  • developing academic language

  • effective expression of ideas

  • acquiring content knowledge

High School





Junior High & Native American Literature

ELA Grade 6

ELA Grade 7

ELA Grade 8

Curriculum maps and pacing guides can be found in the Curriculum Warehouse here

Visit the Secondary ELA site for more information! 

For additional information, email

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Supplemental Resources

For secondary students and teachers, Lexia PowerUp can be accessed via ClassLink

This program provides additional adaptive support exercises for strengthening language arts skills. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign into the online login? 
Access to the HMH website ( can be done through the ClassLink dashboard via


Please note, the classes and rosters automatically sync with our PowerSchool. So be sure students have been enrolled in PowerSchool before looking for them on the HMH site.

How do I get more copies of textbooks? 

Existing LKSD teachers should contact Northwest Textbook Depository here 

Why doesn't the course I'm teaching this year have a textbook? 

There is no official book for Non-Collections courses, or the text is out of print. Course-specific teaching materials are stored in the ELA folders in the Curriculum Warehouse as well as through the ELA Google site. 

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