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6-12 Social Studies

LKSD has adopted social studies materials from a variety of publishers. We also offer a number of elective courses that use resources available through the curriculum maps. Our social studies courses are designed to increase student literacy and critical thinking skills about our world.

Publishers for each topic:

Savvas: World History, American History, and JH American History

McGraw-Hill: Psychology, Economics, Government

Cengage: Sociology and JH World History


The goal of LKSD Social Science courses is to establish critical thinking citizens who can effectively read, write, speak and listen through the lens of the social sciences. The goal of ensuring effective online resources in our curriculum is to help promote digital literacy skills with each of our students. 

Junior High

JH American History

JH World History

High School Graduation Requirements

3.0 credits of social studies are required to achieve an LKSD diploma:

  • Alaska Studies or Passages Alaska (0.5 credits)

  • Government (0.5 credits)

  • 2.0 credits from menu courses

    • 1.0 credit: American History A/B​

    • 1.0 credit: World History A/B

    • 0.5 credit: Tribal Government I A/B

    • 0.5 credit: Tribal Government II (dual credit) A/B

    • 0.5 credit: Sociology A/B

    • 0.5 credit: Economics

    • 0.5 credit: Psychology

Curriculum maps and pacing guides can be viewed on the Curriculum Warehouse

Supplemental Resources

While no official supplemental resources exist for these courses, each of the texts have extensive online resources to enhance student learning. 

The following are recommended resources, though they are not formally adopted by LKSD:

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, email

How do I access curriculum materials for courses?

You can access all curriculum materials through the Curriculum Warehouse. Click on Secondary/Social Studies to access the course list. Some materials may be embedded in google drive, but all should be accessible to your LKSD email account. 

How do I sign into my online textbooks? 

Once your account is set up through ClassLink, you and your students are automatically registered into your online textbook. When you first log on through “Single Sign On” it will typically ask you to verify that the correct textbook has been selected, but it will only ask this on the first login. 

How can I get more copies of the textbook?

Textbooks were purchased by the district as part of the district wide adoption of Social Studies materials in 2022. If further books are required due to loss/damage, they must be purchased through the textbook company directly by your site administrator. We recommend you ensure that all textbooks are accounted for at the end of each semester and properly stored for future use. 

Does my textbook have a Teachers Edition?

Yes. Only the Sociology book lacks a companion teacher's edition and there is no textbook for Tribal Government or Alaska Studies. 

How can I best differentiate for struggling readers?

The online textbooks have a variety of tools that may prove useful in meeting the needs of diverse populations of learners. Each of the three companies vary from lower level text to reading support activities. 

I'm new to these textbooks and I missed the training. What can I do? 

Please send an email to He can coordinate training with the company. In the interim, there are many excellent online tutorials to view to get you started.

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