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Yugtun Language Arts

The Yugtun Language Arts (YLA) is structured around 4 days of paired text readings followed by a combined examination of both on the 5th day. Reading is taught with lesson plans in folders and the Yugtun Naaqiyaraq Igaryaraq-llu spiral bound book. This book is a guide to teach comprehension skills and writing. Additionally, in the lesson plans are suggested topics and word lists for phonemic awareness, phonics, high frequency words, spelling and vocabulary. This book can also help guide, referred to as routines. 

The learners of YLA are those identified as strongest in Yugtun in K-1st and everyone from 2nd grade on learners are tested 3x a year using the Yugtun Curriculum Based Measures (Y-CBM) which aligns with the MAP testing schedule. 


The goal of the LKSD Yugtun Language Arts Curriculum is to develop young readers and writers proficient in Yugtun. The curriculum comprises the six volumes of Kalikanek Naaqinariuq student editions. This exists in both hard copy and pdf formats. Additionally, fidelitous implementation of the curriculum will pair readings from the Kalikanek Naaqinariuq series with the Yuut Yuuyaraita Elitnaurutkait Social Studies curriculum and the Tundra Science texts. Both the Science and Social Studies materials were were developed and translated over many years by LKSD teachers and staff based on the Teachers Curriculum Institute (TCi) materials.

K-5 Yugtun Language Arts


1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

K-6 Pacing Guides

Comprehensive weekly lesson plans for K-5 YLA include lesson objectives, key vocabulary, and guidance on using the Kalikanek Naaqinariuq text. 

Curriculum Maps and further information for K-6 YLA can be found here

All LKSD Yugtun Curriculum including lesson plans for Science and Social Studies can be found here on the Yugtun Curriculum website

Supplemental Resources

The following apps are available through "self- service" on all LKSD iPads


This website provides 2 way translation between English- Yugtun and provides an audio library to support listening skills

This Yup'ik dictionary was created by UAF and is great for use in any grade level.

Some of our teachers have encouraged their students to use this when creating student generated alphabets (SGAs) 

This print resource is appropriate for use in higher levels, i.e. grades 6-12

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Tad Lindley if you have additional questions or concerns

How do I sign in?

In order to access the YLA curriculum you must be logged into your LKSD email account. If you have another gmail-based account you may have to log out of that.

I am teaching Grade 1, Unit 7, Week 1, and it directs me to use Ak’allaat Ayagassuutet. I have no idea what this is or where to find it since it is not in the Grade 1 Kalikanek Naaqinariuq. What should I do?

In cases like this, please email with the name of the book you need (in this case, Ak’allaat Ayagassuutet) and the number of copies. In the subject line. He will provide you with what you need. 


The lesson tells me, “Day 1 of Unit: Building Background Video Play video.” Where is the video?

Unfortunately there are no links to some of the resources required. In this case, you must prepare ahead with something that you are able to find from YouTube or other online sources. 

How do I get more textbooks?

If you need more books, check in the textbook storage, if there is nothing on site, contact with the name of the book you need. He cannot get the Kalikaneq Naarinariuq series, but he can get the story books for you.

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