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Yugtun Language Arts

The Yugtun Language Arts (YLA) is structured around 4 days of paired text readings followed by a combined examination of both on the 5th day. Reading is taught with lesson plans in folders and the Yugtun Naaqiyaraq Igaryaraq-llu spiral bound book. This book is a guide to teach comprehension skills and writing. Additionally, in the lesson plans are suggested topics and word lists for phonemic awareness, phonics, high frequency words, spelling and vocabulary. This book can also help guide, referred to as routines. 

The learners of YLA are those identified as strongest in Yugtun in K-1st and everyone from 2nd grade on learners are tested 3x a year using the Yugtun Curriculum Based Measures (Y-CBM) which aligns with the MAP testing schedule. 



Click here to access the K-5 Curriculum Maps. 

More information is coming soon! 

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