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District Curriculum

Use of district provided curriculum and supplemental materials.

LKSD Best Practice #6

All LKSD curriculum materials undergo review by subject area committees and is then approved by the LKSD school board. The curriculum review committees determine whether to maintain or modify curriculum materials according to the best interests and needs of our students across the district. All curricula fulfill the education expectations established by the Alaska state standards.     

Focus Friday: September 23, 2022

Instructional Guides

K-12 Curriculum

Here you'll find content overview, information about what textbooks to use, supplemental resources, and answers to frequently asked questions. 

Click here to access.

Alaska State Standards

Teaching state standards is the expectation we have in our classrooms; all of LKSD's chosen curricula has the AK state standards embedded within them.

Click here to visit Alaska DEED's state standards. 

Curriculum Overview

These short videos provide a glimpse of the major K-12 curricula.

Curriculum Warehouse

CLICK HERE to access our curriculum warehouse. Here you will find support and resources for all grade levels and content areas. Within each page you will find pacing guides/ curriculum maps, state standards, anticipated learning outcomes and additional support provided by the district's education specialists. 

Curriculum Overviews
Below are overview videos of each of our curriculum, divided by grade bands. Or, visit our Curriculum Showcase here. The password to view is "lksd" 
6-8 Math
9-12 Science
9-12 Math
K-6 Health
K-6 PE
K-12 Art
6-12 Social Studies
Supplemental Resources

Many of our curricula come with LKSD provided supplemental resources. This means the district covers the cost of teacher and student licenses. Visit the K-12 Curriculum page, or view the education specialists' overview videos for more information. 

Below are two Yugtun apps to support Yugtun language exposure and promote proficiency. Both are available for download on the app store. Use these in your classroom or for your own personal study! 

Naaqerkat is a story reading app narrated by native speakers. 

Classlink- LaunchPad

LKSD encourages teachers to use ClassLink/ LaunchPad as a jumping off point for most of our digital resources. The platform utilizes single sign-on (SSO) capabilities which expedites the login process for teachers and students.  
For more information about using Classlink- LaunchPad, visit the Tech Spot and/or email Carmen Wessels directly. 
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