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The mathematics scope and sequence for grades K-5 covers foundational skills to prepare students for success in their secondary courses.

Key components of K-5 math include:

  • For all sites, math is taught in English 

  • All K-5 students are required to have 90 minutes of math daily

  • To gain access to the online components of HMH Into Math, you must have a student enrolled in your PowerSchool. Check with your secretary or Site Administrator if you need further clarification. 

  • Supplemental supports include MountainMath, Dreambox and basic fact practice including MAD Minute  


Content Specialist: 

K-5 Math

Click here to access the K-5 Curriculum Maps

Each grade level set comes with teacher planning & pacing guides, assessment guides, and student copies for each module. 

Supplemental Resources

Available on iPads for K-5 students

Available on laptops for grades 6-12 

Mountain Math

While the district does not pay for Mountain Math, this resource is highly encouraged to be used as a supplement. The program can be purchased by your principal. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add students to the HMH online component?

You must have a student enrolled in your PowerSchool. Check with your secretary or site administrator if you need further support. PowerSchool syncs with ClassLink every 24hours, so after the sync your student will have access to their HMH account. 

How do I get more copies of the textbooks?

Consumable textbooks are ordered every spring. We look at student counts to determine how many we order and then we'll send them directly to your site. Contact to request additional copies. Note that if you need more than two or three books, the cost will come out of site funds.

How can I better differentiate?

When we adopted this curriculum, we sent teacher's editions to every school which included a differentiation set. If you need another copy, your school will need to order this. 

How many minutes/ day should I be teaching math?

K-5 Math should be taught in English for 130 minutes every day. 

I'm having trouble logging into DreamBox or ALEKS. What do I do? 

Contact to help you troubleshoot. 

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